StylinDESIGN specializes in web design for "Small" Businesses. With 23 years of design experience, we have a proven track record of helping our customers in promoting their business. We have worked for large international companies and small local businesses alike.

With experience and expertise in:
  • responsive web design and construction, including Wordpress and PHP programming
  • graphic design
  • print production
  • advertising and marketing
  • copywriting
  • plus we offer professional quality photography
This diversity means that clients are offered "one-stop shopping" for their promotional needs.


All this said, the most important aspect of our work is to truly represent your business in a positive, creative and unique way. We do not design for design sake, but use design as a tool in our mission to promote your business successfully.
"We highly recommend StylinDESIGN and look forward to continuing our great relationship
in the future."

StylinDESIGN Rule


""THANKS it works GREAT, next we'll get together for the Web Site and Brochure."
Rexdale ON

"WOW!! That's a great first draft. I'll wait to get the inside layouts before responding with details."
Mississauga ON

"1st gut impression is BLOW ME AWAY! I love it! WOW! I will take a closer look later for constructive criticism. So far I am glad we met!
Mississauga ON

"Sehr schoen!!! Gute Arbeit! Mann kann Dich halt was heissen."
International company, Mississauga ON

"I love you!!! That Business Card was perfect!!!! Exactly what I was looking for!!!!
Philadelphia USA

"We have worked with StylinDESIGN for eight years. We highly recommend StylinDESIGN and look forward to continuing our great relationship in the future."
The Textile Centre

"We couldn't be happier with the high quality and creative design that StylinDESIGN produced for us in such a timely manner for our new website."
Hamilton's International Village

"I absolutely love it!!!! Cheers to you and thank you so much--no price can be put on a good job."
Jus B Gauze Clothing

"The web site looks GREAT! Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to put this together for us and in such a short amount of time... just really excited about the whole website!"
EzzeWear Casual Clothing